Strategic issues
  1. Create a medical graduate who is good, moral and quality.
  2. Developed into a faculty of medical research.
  3. Academic service to society
  4. The development and maintenance of Thai.
  5. Development of a strong and self-reliant management system.
  1. Improve the quality of education of the faculty of medicine. Burapha University provides quality standards and national, Asian and international recognition.
  2. Development of bachafa medical graduate is good and happy, based on the principles of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy. And volunteer graduate identity A qualified doctor with professional standards. And foreign language standards
  3. Develop Burapa University Hospital to have the potential as a hospital for non-standard medical school.
  4. Developing research, innovation or other forms of work for the benefit of others. According to the vision of Burapha University. Going to research university Including the promotion of research and academic service. Focus on travel and tourism To create the identity of the Faculty of Medicine.
  5. Development of the Center for Medical Excellence To build expertise and excellence. And it depends on the community and society. Especially in the east.
  6. Integration of arts and culture preservation with teaching and research.
  7. Develop a good human resource management system. By building a strong corporate culture. To drive vision and develop the organization.
  8. Develop organizational management system to excellence based on TQA, EdPEX, and enhance competitiveness.